Artists for Manu Manu Riforesta!

Manu Manu Riforesta! is a hymn to creativity – of nature and of man. We are convinced that powerful imagination – united with as much passion – will be the best driving force for transforming a territory suffering a natural and scenic disaster into a paradise of biodiversity. And that is why Manu Manu Riforesta! enjoys the support of many artists.

  • Rachele Andrioli (singer) – contributes to the soundtrack of Canto e Contracanto (short film)
  • Roberta Apos and her ‘Chiome’ project (photo shoot and book), the proceeds of which were donated to Manu Manu Riforesta!
  • Gabriele Corrado – solo dancer at the Scala, Milan, and first dancer at Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, performs in the short Canto e Contracanto
  • Pino Guidolotti – photographer and designer of our logo
  • Redi Hasa (composer and cellist) – his is the music for the soundtrack of Canto e Contracanto
  • Nathalie Lithwick (singer) – collaborated on the publicity video Riforesta!
  • Francesco Maggiore (Big Sur), with his experience as graphic designer & art director
  • Giorgia Negro (jeweller) – with her line of jewellery Radika collaborates with Manu Manu Riforesta!
  • Franco Nuzzo (percussionist) – collaborated on the publicity video Riforesta!
  • Paolo Pisanelli, filmmaker, artistic director of the Festa di Cinema del reale (Big Sur, Officina Visioni), made the ‘Riforesta!’ spot together with Matteo Gherardini, video editor of the Festa di Cinema del reale.
  • Basilio Puglia & CRIO.VISION – photographer – made the series of photographs Portraits of Manu Manu
  • Bruna Rotunno – photographer & videomaker – is the eye of Manu Manu Riforesta! both as art director and as creator of photos and videos that recount our project. Creator & director of the short Canto e Controcanto
  • Fabrizio Saccomanno (actor and director) – narrator for the short Canto e Controcanto
  • Angela Serafino (photographer) – gifted part of her earnings from her book of photographs Fiorisce il cielo for our fundraising
  • Sergio Stamerra, alias Lu Rondella, and his ‘Peaceful Robots’. Lu Rondella has donated the proceeds from the sale of some robots, made from recycled materials, to ‘Manu Manu Riforesta!’.

Written and directed by Bruna Rotunno ©2020 | Produced by Manu Manu Riforesta!

Shade and light, destruction and rebirth. “Canto” and “Controcanto”.

Portraits of Manu Manu

In October 2020, photographer Basilio Puglia gave us the ‘Portraits of Manu Manu’ gallery. Basilio’s shooting day – in collaboration with Richard Puyane and under the artistic direction of Francesco Maggiore – was a day of celebration, amidst the green elms of Bosco Don Tommaso and the grey of the dry, diseased olive trees.
Basilio Puglia, an Apulian, but at home in Bordeaux, tells us about the idea of portraying the members of Manu Manu Riforesta!

Every year in August, I visit Apulia, my land. Every year something new and wonderful is revealed in the well trodden paths or routes.
During the summer of 2020, with Richard Puyane, a friend and collaborator, I discovered a new colour of my land, the grey of the olive trees that had been under the axe of the Xylella disease for some years.
Restless and worried, I felt the urge to do something about it and discovered the existence of a great many people who have been concerned about this disaster for years and are looking for solutions as well as battling the speculation that is lying in wait.
I had the pleasure and good fortune to cross the path of Manu Manu Riforesta!, a group of people who are simply magnificent and who, unlike many, act for the good of all.
These portraits, the photos of the fields of grey olive trees, of the fires, are the beginning of an awareness – the importance of using one’s time to defend the values of justice, common sense and the preservation of nature, which belongs to all living beings.

Basilio Puglia

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