Where we are

The Red Circle
We are in the South Salento (Puglia) in the area called Paduli, where in the past there was an ancient woodland, the Bosco Belvedere. Within its 7,000 hectares (more than 17,000 acres), at the southernmost point we have drawn an ‘ideal’ circle for the field of action of Manu Manu Riforesta! The ‘red circle’ encloses about 300 hectares (c.750 acres) of sick olive trees, many of which are abandoned, but with some sparse and precious examples of ancient oaks.

The olive groves of the Paduli Sud include the Padula Mancina SAC (Special Conservation Area), designated as such by the European Habitat – Natura 2000 Project, due to the presence of three temporary Mediterranean ponds in the Ruffano, Miggiano and Montesano areas (province of Lecce).

3 municipalities: Ruffano, Miggiano & Montesano
300 hectares (c.750 acres) of sick olive trees
1 SAC Padula Mancina which includes
3 temporary Mediterranean ponds
Padula Mancina (Montesano)
Stagni Canali (Miggiano)
Fosso Padule Rotondo (Ruffano)

Paduli Sud, the Map of Manu Manu Riforesta!

The Map of Manu Manu Riforesta! represents the land (purchased, on loan and donated) on which our agro-forestry activities take place. It is a continuously updated map, since – thanks to our ever-active fundraising and awareness-raising campaign – the intention is to flood the hectares to be dedicated to biodiversity and oxygen production over time. Updating also concerns planting activities in harmony with seasonal cycles. The plots of land acquired so far – marked with their toponyms – are all within easy reach of the Padula Mancina SAC. Among them is one of the three temporary Mediterranean ponds in the SAC (Fosso Padule Rotondo), on which the main activity is the conservation and protection of the biotopes present.

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